Confessions of a Counterfeiter

“I’m so sick of everything costing money” 

This embroidered banknote is a comment on impulse consumerism and the throw away attitude of todays society. Poundshops, Cash Converters and Primark have spawned a generation of young people who invest in the disposable - buy cheap, use once, throw away. Blowing up the scale and reproducing in cloth a £10 banknote is my attempt to change the audience’s perspective of money, value and worth 
The piece itself has been built up in layers and acts as a sampler of many traditional and modern textile techniquesA substantial amount of time was spent sampling, as I wanted the skill of the processes to shine through. The long, laborious hours spent perfecting my craft serve as the perfect juxtaposition to the fast consumerism the piece has been made in reaction to.