Embellished CV: Winner of Embroidery category - RDS Craft Awards 2014
                                Winner of Graduate Prize - RDS Craft Awards 2014
                                Winner of Lilla Speirs Memorial Award
                                Co-Winner of Graduate Award - Craft and Design Collective

In many respects the sampler acted as an early version of a CV. The stitches held within the warp and weft of the fabric proclaimed the maker’s skill. This is my sampler, however it is by no means traditional, or composed with domestic life in mind. It is the sampler of a 2014 Embroidery Graduate who is determined to practice her craft at a professional level. Within the perimeters of the fabric lies descriptions of my Industry Experience, Textile skills and personal attributes. The imagery used throughout the piece pays tribute to the tools of the trade: Singer Machines and Fisker scissors; Photoshop and Illustrator; Pencils and Paintbrushes; Windows and Apple Macs; and of course Pizza and Coffee - vital equipment of an apprentice Embroiderer. In a further effort to modernise the sampler I increased the scale and used only the most modern day advances in Digital Embroidery. Training a machine to stitch with hand like precision has made this work a pure and unique Digital Craft.